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Thank you for visiting Minimally Invasive Spine Specialists. By choosing to visit our site you have taken your first step toward having a healthier, less painful back. The last decade has seen many exciting advances in the treatment of spinal conditions. And we like to think that Minimally Invasive Spine Specialists can take some of the credit for those advances that have lead to faster, less painful recoveries.

Minimally Invasive Spine History and Commitment  
In 2002, Dr. Patrick J. Sweeney founded Minimally Invasive Spine upon a profound yet simple idea. The less invasive a surgical procedure is, the less time it takes to recover. Faster recovery time means a faster return to a normal life for the patient. Dr Sweeney has not only invested in the latest technologies and treatments but has designed and patented several spinal and orthopedic implants. Some of these implants are manufactured by LifeSpine and being used by doctors routinely. Others are still being developed and should be on the market in a few years. 
For more than 10 years Minimally Invasive Spine has brought ground breaking medical advances to Chicago and the south suburbs. Dr. Sweeney has been instrumental in pioneering several revolutionary spinal treatments in the Midwest, including Endoscopic Laser Assisted Discectomy, GE Fluorotrak TM 3500 and the O- Arm Imaging System. Each of the new treatments Dr. Sweeney has introduced to Chicagoland is now in widespread use.
All these new developments sound very thrilling, very technical and very complicated. But the important idea here is what it means to you, the patient. Because of these advances, the need to fully open the surgery site has been reduced. Smaller incisions and less invasive procedures means less trauma to operative site. Patients go home from surgery with less pain, less recovery time, able to resume activities much faster. We have watched the patients recovery time go from months to weeks with success rates climbing. Everyday we see the rewards of staying at the forefront of medical advances by simply looking at our patients as they take charge of their lives again and begin enjoying a fully active life the way they remember.
Minimally Invasive Spine Specialists are dedicated medical professionals who believe in utilizing the newest medical advances to treat debilitating spinal conditions. We are continually investing in new technologies, continuing education and expert support staff in order to provide you with the best care available anywhere in the Midwest. But Minimally Invasive Spine is still more than technology, it’s the care we give to patients to help them through a difficult time, its knowing that phone calls are important to us and its recognizing that you’re an individual who has unique needs and may need something special.
Workman’s Compensation
Being unable to work because of pain and illness is probably one of the most devastating things that can happen to working men and women. Minimally Invasive Spine understands this and realizes that you will need our help to get you back to work. We have a full-time staff member who works only with our Workman’s Compensation cases. She will coordinate with your WC program to optimize your care. Furthermore we guarantee an appointment within 24 hours, for approved Workman’s Compensation cases, of the initial call. This is for approved WC patients only. Minimally Invasive Spine accepts most forms of medical insurance. Whatever your situation is, we can work with you and your insurance company to provide the best possible care.
Introducing O-Arm Imaging/Stealth Image Guidance
We use O-Arm 3-dimentional imaging for all of our minimally invasive surgeries. This futuristic technology increases precision, minimizes potential errors, provides better documentation and improves outcomes.
We are one of the first practitioners in Illinois to incorporate the O-Arm system in combination with Stealth Image Guidance to improve surgical success. With the O-Arm, patients undergoing even complex surgical procedures like Cervical Disc Replacements and Fusions only need to stay one to two days. 
After Surgery Care
Your surgery will go far beyond the operating room. After your surgery you will need the best possible physical therapy and, possibly, pain management care. Our in house physical therapist will discuss with you your post op needs. Because our patients come from many different locations, we will work with you to find a highly competent professional in your area. We want you to receive the best possible physical therapy or pain management without having to drive miles and miles to get it.




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